Monday, June 16, 2008

Playboy Jazz Festival

Yesterday was Father's Day and as a gift my family and I took my Dad out to the Playboy Jazz Festival! It was a perfect sunny day with a slight ocean breeze that would come in just when it was getting too hot. Jazz is a very interesting type of music. I never really listen to it till maybe just in the few past months. I don't even think I really actually listen to it, more I just enjoy hearing it. To me it has this soothing, nostalgic presence to it, which most likely comes from hearing it while driving in the car with my Dad when I was younger. Or hearing jazz being played in the background of my grandparents house when my family would come visit. And now I guess I can also include spending a whole Sunday with my family watching master musicians celebrating their love of music.

This drawing is of a guest guitarist jamming with a Puerto Rican bad called Piena Libre.


andre medina said...

awesome work you have here!

ZaR said...

You need to update this thing.... it's collecting dust.