Friday, July 31, 2009

4th Year Film, Bedtime

Here is my fourth year film, Bedtime.

Testing My Fourth

Before, I started animating my fourth year film at CalArts, Bedtime, I did this test of the little boy in my film.

Little John Test

A little ditty I did during my fourth year at CalArts.

My 3rd Year Film

My third year film at CalArts with some animation spreads to boot.

3rd Year Film Concept Art

Here are vignettes I did for my 3rd year film at CalArts, The Magnificent Dr. Giuseppe Pediatrician Extraordinaire.

Medusa Test

I did this test in my third year. Forever will I be haunted with that voice, "besiiiiides in a hundred years from noooww...".

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sushi Chefs

For my fourth year film, I first had the idea of making a film about a neurotic obsessive sushi chef. Here are some initial concept designs.

Greasey Greasers!

I had a lot of fun doing these designs. I was experimenting with drawing straight from the tablet using photoshop. I was greatly inspired by my fourth-year cube-mate, Zar!

Life Drawings from Portfolio

Here we have every ones favorite, life drawings!

Sketches from Portfolio

Here are just some of the multitude of sketches I've done throughout the years. I have to say I have a real affinity to sketching. My dream job would be to travel all around the world just sketching people and all the unique things I come across. It's like an imprint of my memory. When I look back at old sketches, memories of that time flood in as fresh as if I had just experienced them. Bottom line, SKETCH!